Sucharita Sarkar

Sucharita Sarkar
D.T.S.S. College of Commerce
Mumbai, Inde

Sucharita Sarkar is Associate Professor of English, D.T.S.S College of Commerce, Mumbai. She is also an invited member of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Homi Bhabha State University, Mumbai. Her doctoral thesis investigated mothering narratives in contemporary India. Her current research focuses on intersections of maternity with body, religion, cultures, diaspora, medicine, food, self-writing, graphic narratives, and social media, usually from South Asian perspectives, and with a matricentric feminist focus. 

She is currently participating in an international collaborative project titled New Directions for International Scholarship on Motherhood in Religious Studies, funded by a research grant from the American Academy of Religion. The project is online and can be accessed at https://beyondmg.study/ . 

She has published an article titled “Not transaction but service? Interrogating the multiple surrogacy narratives in India,” in Current Sociology Monograph 69(2), January 2021. Her other recent publications include articles in Qualitative Inquiry (2020) and Open Theology (2020); as well as chapters in edited anthologies like Representing Abortion (Routledge, 2021); Food, Faith and Gender in South Asia (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020)Thickening Fat: Fat Bodies, Intersectionality and Social Justice (Routledge, 2020); The Politics of Belonging in Contemporary India (Routledge, 2020), among others. Her research is documented and accessible at https://mu.academia.edu/SucharitaSarkar. 

Sucharita Sarkar will participate in the roundtable on surrogacy in India on Thursday, March 3, 2022.