Ishani K. Dutta

Ishani K. Dutta
Carrot Films
Delhi, Inde

Ishani K. Dutta is an Indian filmmaker who makes films on gender, environment, and human rights. Her films have been featured in several film festivals and won multiple awards. Ishani K Dutta thrives on creating a tangible impact where it matters the most – at the grassroots level among the opinion makers. From the beginning of her career more than two decades ago, she has been a keen researcher of life with a penchant for turning ‘happenings’ into passionate ‘stories.’ Ishani K. Dutta takes her experiences from the Indian hinterlands beyond the realm of the commonplace to makes incisive, ardent films on themes and characters that can excite and move discerning global audiences. Ishani K. Dutta’s target now involves making films that imbibe change by binding the global community closer together. Change, she believes, is a partnership that involves humanity at large.

Some of her documentaries include Slumdog Actor, Say Cheese, Faith Revisited, The land of Vanishing Lakes, Toxic Trails, and Womb on Rent. 

As part of the closing session of this symposium, with the support of Women’s Voices Now, we will show Ishani K. Dutta’s documentary Womb On Rent, which will be followed by a roundtable on surrogacy in India on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

Ishani K. Dutta will participate in the roundtable on surrogacy in India on Thursday, March 3, 2022.